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Latest News
August 19 - Intel buys McAfee
No changes at this stage but there is no doubt Intel will offer and extra degree of protection to our customers, stay tuned!

August 17 - Intel Increasing Capacity of Solid State Drives
They have been relatively expensive when compared with regular hard disk drives but the next few months will see a doubling of capacities and lower prices.

February 5 - Education Tax Refund for Computer Expenditure
If you have children in Primary or Secondary School and are receiving at last some of Family Tax Benefit Part A then you may be eligible for a significant refund by way of up to 50% of eligible computer expenses.  Check out the fact sheet for more details.

February 2  - Increased Investment Allowance for Business
The Federal Government has increased the investment allowance to (or by) 30% which means a significant saving for business investment in a ride range of depreciable items including computers.  Check out the web site for more details, which may change because the legislation has not been finalised yet.

January 4 - New Low Cost Notebook Computers

Toshiba has released a number of great value notebook computers in the past couple of weeks and we now have two great models under $1,000.00
January 2 -  McAfee Anti-Virus Now Includes Firewall Protection
Together with Anti-Spyware and Adware protection, McAfee Total Protection is even better value than before.  $89.00 for the first 12 months including all program updates as well and we'll write to you at the end of the first year and give you the option to renew for a further 12 months.
Nov 25 - Canon Bubble-Jet Printer price drops
Who would have thought that you could buy a quality photo printing, fast, double-siding, CD-printing, two-way paper feed printer in black or colour for under $200.00  Check out the price drops on our printers page
October 24 - Hard drive prices drop again....and they are getting bigger!
The first hard disk drives in the early 80's where 5 megabytes in size, in fact Port Lincoln Ship Construction had a pair of them!  We can now offer hard drives as large as 400 gigabytes, or 400,000 megabytes.......  Check out the full range on our hard disk drive page.

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Port Lincoln is located at the southern tip of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, and is thriving with primary industries including aquaculture, grain growing, sheep grazing and tourism among many other activities which make Port Lincoln such a great place to live, work and play.  For things to do and places to stay on Eyre Peninsula, browse to Tourism EP or the Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre

A word from Greg ...

If you need some advice about web design which is based on tables with photos and text, I'll keep you entertained for about 5 minutes, however if you want a stylish and professional web page or three, you should have a chat to Marianne who runs a local web design and training business in Port Lincoln, known as WebQuarters and who have created heaps of great local web sites.  Visit their portfolio and check them out. 

They have also established the Port Lincoln Business Directory which is an excellent resource if you plan to do business in Port Lincoln. 

Greg Williams
Managing Director
Lincoln Computer Centre



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